2018 Indigenous Youth Symposium on Reconciliation and Indigenous Education


2018 Indigenous Youth Symposium on Reconciliation and Indigenous Education

Hosted by FNUniv Pow Wow Committee


The need to promote respect, healing and understanding for Indigenous cultures and values in Canadian society is a goal that the FNUniv – Pow wow Committee acknowledges and is mindful of the significance of our shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. In this symposium, young people will be introduced to the concept of Reconciliation in Canada and explore where the need for Reconciliation comes from and what the vision of Reconciliation can be. Through various presentations and activities, youth will be given the opportunity to look at their own role and to create broad dialogue around the process of Reconciliation.


In the beginning, it was the Indigenous students who were the impetus for the early FNUniv (formerly SIFC) pow wows and one of their primary goals was to create a positive presence and awareness of Indigenous cultures and heritage within the university community and larger student population. It was always about inclusivity and sharing of cultural learning at various levels. Over the years, the pow wow has quickly grown into a major cultural celebration to its current national status and international impact. To date, the market reach of the FNUniv Pow wow Committee and its partners have seen an attendance that regularly exceeds over 7,000 pow wow fans annually.

In order to highlight the great collective approaches already in progress, to strengthen partnerships and provide an environment of shared learning opportunities that will support this celebration, the FNUniv Pow wow committee proposes an Indigenous Youth Symposium on Reconciliation. This will be a new component of the pow wow to focus on the youth and to encourage curiosity, creativity and explore possibilities of Reconciliation beyond our current state of mind. Individuals who have been influential in helping to understand different aspects of Reconciliation will be invited to speak at the symposium. Showcasing how others have worked together to define what Reconciliation means to them and how it has worked in practice will be asked to present to the youth and engage in participatory exercises.

Symposium Details

Date: April 19, 2018 (Thursday)
Venue: First Nations University of Canada, 1 First Nations Way, REGINA, SK Symposium Scope: Youth (Grades 10-12) Audience (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) from surrounding First Nations High Schools (as first priority) and reach out to Regina Urban High Schools.
Targeted Attendees: Approximately 200
Target Audience:
The symposium is for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in grades 10 to 12 with an interest in learning about Reconciliation and to further the respect of Indigenous cultures and values in Canadian society and ideas that advance these outcomes.


Reconciliation and Process of Reconciliation Sub-Themes:

  • Introduce the concept of Reconciliation

  • Review the need for where Reconciliation comes from

  • Brain-storm on various ideas or visions of Reconciliation

  • Create dialogue on the process of Reconciliation

  • Examine your role as youth in the process of Reconciliation

  • What is the shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people

Proposed Symposium Format

The symposium would open with a continental breakfast for all registered participants and speakers to allow time for registrations and networking. The official program begins with welcoming remarks and an overview of the symposium themes; it is proposed that the President of First Nations University of Canada kick-off the symposium. The format for the remainder of the morning and the afternoon will involve presenters/key note speakers and workshops that will focus on one or more of symposium themes. Youth attendees will be able to submit questions for presenters to discuss and create an interactive component. Following the keynote speakers/presenters in the plenary session in the morning, there will be several themed workshops offered in classrooms throughout the FNUniv building. For example, in one of the workshops an art collage would be created on the theme of “What Reconciliation means to me?” or on the same question, produce a YouTube video as an opinion piece by individual youth on Reconciliation. The conference will conclude with a session to collect feedback and key takeaways from attendees and closing comments.

Contact for Registration to the YOUTH SYMPOSIUM ON RECONCILIATION

Sarah Longman
FNUniv Pow Wow Committee Member Email: sarah.longman@rbe.sk.ca